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Suzanne McEwan, LPN

"The Foot Nurse"

The Foot Nurse is mobile... we do "House Calls" / Home Foot Care Nurse visits in Kelowna, West Kelowna and Lake Country.  Visits include providing a medical pedicure &  medically oriented preventative and maintenance foot care in your home or care facility by a fully trained  Licensed Nurse Certified in Foot Care . 

Monday to Saturday 8:00 to 6:30

call me  250-491-4220

511 Klassen Rd. Kelowna B.C.

You can trust and have confidence that you and your loved  ones  will be Professionally cared for and have a wonderful uplifting visit from The Foot Nurse Mobile Foot Care.

The Foot Nurse Mobile Foot Care is Mobile & with Visits for You at Your Home

The Foot Nurse provides Diabetic Foot Care and does Clipping & Filing & Trims Toenails using a professional Podiatry file with built in vacume suction. The Foot Nurse specializes in medical Pedicures as well as reduction of calluses & corns . Ingrown toenail toenails can be painful and relief of pain and quicker healing  will be greatly assisted by a visit from The Foot Nurse and its all included in a regular visit. Bunion & Hammertoe can be assessed and recommendations can be made for further care. A wonderful  Foot Massage is included in every Foot Nurse visit and who could say no to a foot message? The Foot Nurse is VAC / Blue Cross registered and direct billing for Veterans and retired RCMP is available.

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We Use Medical-grade Tools & Equipment

The Foot Nurse uses a medical-grade podiatry file to file rough spots and calluses and to reduce and reshape thickened toenails. The Foot Nurse specializes in debridement of thick fungal nails and using this machine  can reshape any nail to look more normal. A certified foot care nurse should NOT be using a dremel, a tool intended for wood working. The Foot Nurse adheres to strict infection control guidelines as outlined by Health Canada. We are meticulous about sterilizing all tools after each use to prevent the spread of pathogens such as toe nail fungus and athletes foot.

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When to Call The Foot Nurse:

1. When you have a difficult time reaching your feet due to flexibility or mobility.

2. When your your eye sight is not what it used to be and you can not see your feet good enough to do foot care on by yourself on your own feet.

3, When you are not strong enough or agile enough to do foot care on your own feet by yourself.

4. When You have nails that become so thick that it is tough to trim them on your own. In fact you can cause painful nail and foot injuries to yourself that could also result in infection and lead to serious irreversible health issues.

5. When you have toe nail fungus. If you read further in this website you can get more details on what toenail fungus is and how to tell if you have it but one of the signs is discoloration and deterioration of the nail.

6. When you depend  on others to trim your nails who are sometimes unavailable or you don't feel like you should impose on them.

7. When  are diabetic and therefore at a higher risk of developing foot problems due to the fact you have decreased sensation to your feet, contact The Foot Nurse.

8.  If you have poor circulation to your feet call The Foot Nurse.

9. You want more of a medical pedicure , rather than a cosmetic pedicure. The Foot nurse has the proper medical training and experience  for medical pedicures and Foot Nurse Care.

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Taking Care of Your Feet properly on Your Own Can be Very Difficult

Proper foot care is important to everyones good health and comfort.  If you're experiencing challenges taking care of your feet you will benefit from non-invasive foot care (no pain, no blood) by calling The Foot Nurse.

Taking care of your or your loved one's feet through proper toenail clipping & trimming , filing, massaging  and moisturizing  can make a tremendous difference in reducing the incidence of foot serious problems and increasing one's sense of well-being. Unfortunately, as a person ages, vision difficulties, manual dexterity problems and lack of endurance can result in it being very difficult to properly take care of one's feet.

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Foot Care by a Health Care Professional is Especially Important for if you have Diabetes or Poor Circulation

Foot sores that are not healing  are an indication , red flag or warning sign for diabetes. Diabetes can limit  feeling or sensation in the feet. Diabetes also causes circulation problems and for normal wounds or sores  healing is impaired. Even a simple blister can lead into a serious sore or wound.  These sores or wounds are prone to infection which can become a serious issue for the Diabetic. Sores that don't heal can also be caused by poor circulation from Diabetes but also from other conditions for example peripheral artery disease.

Diabetes affects more then 3 million Canadians and is the most frequent cause of non-traumatic lower limb amputations. Many amputations can be prevented through education and regular evaluation of the feet by a health care professional. In the one-on-one sessions, The Foot Nurse gives the client some basic, yet essential information about foot care for the diabetic.

Good foot health is vital to mobility, independence, and maintaining and enjoying an active lifestyle.

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Over 80% of the Population is Affected by Foot and Toenail Disorders

Foot and toenail disorders are an issue for over 80% of the population. These issues are common place for the elderly and diabetic. Maintaining healthy feet will keep you comfortable and better able to have a functional life. It can prevent   serious limb threatening issues and complications.

Proper cutting and trimming of toenails, keeping corns and calluses under control are also very important It makes a major difference in how the entire  body feels and functions.

Proper foot care & maintenance and nail trimming ( pedicures) helps with the prevention of infection and disease. 

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