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The Foot Nurse                     Suzanne McEwan, LPN
250-491-4220                                          Kelowna, BC

Suzanne McEwan, LPN
The Foot Nurse offers routine, preventative, medically oriented mobile foot care in your home, care facility, or hospital in Kelowna, B.C.
Monday to Saturday 8:00 to 6:30

Diabetic Foot Care ~ Clipping & Filing & Trim Toenails using Podiatry file with suction ~ Pedicure ~ Reduction of calluses & corns ~ Ingrown toenail, Bunion & Hammertoe care ~ Foot Massage ~ VAC registered and direct billing for Veterans and retired RCMP

Foot care is important for everyone and a problem for many.  Are you having difficulty taking care of your feet?  You will benefit from non-invasive foot care (no pain, no blood) by calling THE FOOT NURSE.

I use this medical-grade podiatry file to file rough spots and calluses and to reduce and reshape thickened toenaills.  I specialize in debridement of thick fungal nails and using this machine I can reshape any nail to look more normal.  A certified foot care nurse should NOT be using a dremel, a tool intended for wood working.  I use state of the art instruments all sterilized in an autoclave.

Call The Foot Nurse if:

  • You have limited ability to reach your feet
  • You have vision problems that make it difficult for you to see your feet well enough to perform your own foot care
  • You have limited strength or agility in your hands
  • You have thickened nails that are difficult to trim
  • You have toe nail fungus
  • You rely on others to trim your nails who are often unavailable
  • You are diabetic and therefore at a higher risk of developing foot problems due to decreased sensation to your feet
  • You have poor circulation to your feet
  • You want more than a cosmetic pedicure

Taking care of one's feet through proper toenail clipping  & trimming , filing and soaking can make a tremendous difference in reducing the incidence of foot problems and increasing one's sense of well-being.  Unfortunately, as a person ages, vision difficulties, manual dexterity problems and lack of endurance can make it difficult to properly take care of one's feet.

Foot and toenail disorders affect over eighty percent of the population and are very common for seniors.  Keeping your feet healthy increases comfort and functionality and can prevent limb-threatening complications.

Proper cutting and trimming of toenails and keeping corns and calluses under control are of extreme importance as this really does make a difference in how the rest of the body feels.

Proper foot care and nail trimming helps to prevent infection and disease.  Foot care by a health care professional is especially important for individuals with diabetes or poor circulation. Foot sores that will not heal are a major warning sign for diabetes.  Diabetes can impair sensation in the feet, circulation, and normal wound healing, so even a blister can become a troublesome wound.  Those sores are prone to infection.  Slow-healing of sores also can be caused by poor circulation from conditions such as peripheral artery disease. 

Diabetes affects more then 3 million Canadians and is the most frequent cause of non-traumatic lower limb amputations.  Many amputations can be prevented through education and regular evaluation of the feet by a health care professional.  In the one-on-one sessions, The Foot Nurse gives the client some basic, yet essential information about foot care for the diabetic.

Good foot health is vital to mobility, independence, and maintaining and enjoying an active lifestyle.

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Kelowna, BC

Fingernail clipping upon request.

Special rates for couples and for groups of 
three or more.

Gift certificates available.  Contact The Foot Nurse today to find out how to give the gift of healthy feet.

A typical foot care session takes about half an hour although some very neglected feet can take up to an hour of work. I specialize in debridement of thick fungal nails and debridement of thick calluses.  In Kelowna, call the Foot Nurse for all your foot care needs.

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